The Best Solar on the Planet, and it comes with a Lowest Price and Performance Guarantee.
NOBODY Else even comeS close to our pricing!

Finally a Solar Company that Gets it.

FINALLY a way for YOU to put Solar on your home and save money right out of the box from Day One with the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE!

When you cut through all the Hype, the Presentations, the Glitz, the Pushy Sales Personnel touting their "super duper" systems, it boils down to One Thing...The Total Cost per Month.

Face it, with so many Solar Companies out there the Determining factor for You to go Solar is PRICE.
Forget the Hype, forget the "But Our System is Better" high pressure approach.
There is actually very little difference in the technology from one company to another so what is all boils down to is PRICE!  WHO can give you the Best Deal?
If this wasn't Sweet enough, See Just Below.

Here is a Real World Example.

A recent Solar Buyers Club proposal for Shelly C. in MN.

Shelly had a proposal from CREW, the Self Proclaimed "Guaranteed Lowest Price" leader at $28,725 at $3.60 per watt installed.

This was indeed lower than the Local companies, including Vivint and SolarCity, who came in at over $4.00 per watt installed.

The price from Solar Buyers Club:  $14,874 at $1.81 per watt Installed.

You do the math...which one would you choose?

No Hype, just Folks Saving A LOT OF Money and Sharing the good news.

Going Solar is about one thing:
Saving Money

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Solar Buyers Club

Considering Solar Power? You need to get the Facts. 
When you cut through all the hype and "Save the Planet" stuff it boils down to One Thing. SAVING MONEY.

Listen to the CEO and Founder of SolarImpulse, the first Round the World Solar Powered Plane.

Guaranteed Lowest Price

Why consider solar?  This might help.
We invite you to shop around, in fact you should.
But you won't find a better deal ANYWHERE. Our Exclusive System will probably Blow your Socks off and you'll know in minutes if Solar is right for you,
AND to top it all off, we have a Best Price Guarantee.  Now, Check This Out.

How do we Stack Up?

We now have the ability to reach customers in the Entire Continental U.S. for Residential and Commercial.
With our partner, SolarDirect, we are seeking team leaders in each major market to spread the word about Affordable Solar.

If you want to se just How we Stack up to the competition in this space, Check This Out.

Above and Beyond

We don't just stop at Solar Power, we offer a complete range of products and services that make your system SMART.

From Electrical Emissions, EMF, Smart Monitoring systems, State-of-the-Art Battery systems, Super Effecient LED Lighting, even SolarWater...We have it All.  The beauty is we are a Co-op and have Dozens of major partnerships,

Saving Money

Let's face it, By Far the biggest reason you would consider going solar is to SAVE MONEY.

No matter which side of the climate change debate you are on that fact is Certain.
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Worldwide Opportunity

With us you can Join for Free and Stay Free.
We'll cover the details a little later but at this point you need to understand that there is a tremendous
Solar Window of Opportunity and you need to consider joining us in the Fastest Growing Industry on the Planet.

Record Year

2016 saw a Record 95% Increase in
Solar Power Installations Worldwide.

Early predictions weren't even close and most worldwide news organizations were shocked. Bloomberg first broke the information followed shortly by numerous sources including Goldman Sachs'.
Watch the Goldman Sachs' video.  What we have seen to date is Just the Beginning!


Incredible Exclusive  Technology

No other company has our system. Watch the videos and you'll understand.
We are changing the Face of the World with Affordable Solar Power to the Masses.

Here are just a Few of the Happy Customers.

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What you Do

Our System takes all that High Sales Commission and applies it to YOU, the Customer
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    Solar Buyers Club

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    This will give you access to group buying power and the engineers at Solar Direct who will design a quote for your home.

  • Our System Works

    How it works

    We eliminate the costly sales rep from the solar equation which reduces the cost of installing Solar by about half. For that reason, it's cheaper than your electric bill in most circumstances when financed, and even less expensive if you can pay cash for a system. This tipping point in Solar Cost has created the right circumstances for a wave across the country that began in Sunny South Florida.

  • We take the Sales Rep out of the equation.

    Why you Join First

    If you want to take advantage of our CashBackSolar referral program it's just $75 one time and only $25 a month. This is an amazing incentive program for referring solar that will pay for your system should you continue to spread the good news in a way that translates to more systems installed. Many Club Leaders have realized the income potential to form business models around the Club Structure putting themselves in front of the wave of solar that has just begun.

  • Why it Works


    When you get your solar system on your home your neighbors will start showing up and asking questions. Chances are they have been approached by one of those high priced, high pressure companies and when you tell them what you paid they will be Amazed.
    NOW, because you are a member, you start the process with them. Everyone Wins.

  • They go to your link.


    As a Thank-you for referring them, you can start making overrides. But guess what, when they refer someone, they make an override BUT SO DO YOU. This can go down a few levels and can get interesting.
    And all you did was tell someone how much you saved by going with Solar Buyers Club.

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FYI:  Our team leader is the same guy who has a site you may have seen.  Living Off the Grid. 

Watch as he explains why he is involved with Solar Buyers Club.

We are currently working on a Team site that will keep everyone in the loop.  Coming soon, our Push Button Marketing system as well as our exclusive TalkingPage system.

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